COVID-19-Coronavirus-Pandemic COULD NEVER COME BACK!!


COVID-19-Coronavirus-Pandemic COULD NEVER COME BACK
Ever since COVID-19-Coronavirus-Pandemic (call it in any way) broke up within the world, life stopped, paused, moved, again paused, again stopped, again moved, sometimes ran, and remains moving...

Folks, corona will certainly go some day-some time, but do mark my words... this point WOULD NEVER COME BACK!! i will be able to elaborate on my thought now.

Go back to 2019. attempt to recollect your memories altogether previous years and tell me-

COVID-19 definitely lead us beat a hard situation but i might definitely say what I saw within the last one year. My two children, one is 11 and therefore the other one is 4 years were wont to common seasonal flus a minimum of twice a year since their birth. then what? Rushing to doctors, loss of studies and mental trauma I had to travel through to allow them to revisit to healthiness again... i buy cold shivers once I consider all this!!

By mid-year of 2019, I scrutinized the cause for fewer of sickness within the recent months (as I had enough time reception you know!) and eventually , i noticed why my children weren't trapped with seasonal flu this year. Sitting reception , my children were definitely least susceptible to allergies and customary communicable illness they typically went through previously (like cold, viral, cough, etc.) once they removed to high school and play with the peers. Not just this, they were also protected against pollution and other environmental flus while we all were reception and there was hardly any social interaction they went through. And now you recognize the key too!! This pandemic may be a havoc for everybody but no such a lot so if we are reception . i'm thankful to God a day and need they stay healthy always. Though I don't wish to hamper their friendships, I hope they play safe within the years to return and therefore the environment is friendlier to them.

Folks, with numerous reasons to feel blessed, I can definitely conclude that even after this pandemic gets over soon, I wish this 'study at home' and 'work from home' scenario goes for years to return . May we never see any longer pandemics within the times to return but do follow this new norm!

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