Five Principles coronavirus Competition

Five Principles CORONA VIRUS Competition

True competition and elimination of corona is possible only if we follow the following five guidelines. These guidelines are also proven by the Qur'an and Sunnah - remember not only corona virus but also these five guidelines to avoid any disease or diseases. It is very important to follow - ignoring any one of the instructions can make you sick.

Five Principles coronavirus Competition

Principles One coronavirus Competition

We all know that just as God is our Creator, so this disease has come from God, and if He can eradicate this disease, then He is our Creator and Master - in many places in the Qur'an and Hadith. There is a promise of supplication and its acceptance - so if we pray sincerely, it is impossible for Allah Almighty not to accept sincere supplication. Allah Almighty is more loving than 70 mothers. He will save those who come to him.

Principles TWO coronavirus Competition

The second method is the use of medicine - from the Qur'an and Sunnah we are instructed to use medicine along with supplication - after all, even medicines or herbs have been created by Allah Almighty for the benefit of man and man should be researched and considered. The queen of the world has also been given the opportunity to meditate on the herbs made by Allah and to improve her standard of living. This is also proved by the blessed Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Use is required.

Principles THREE coronavirus Competition

English-homeopathic or herbal medicines can be taken as a precaution against coronavirus - but these medicines must also be used with the advice of a knowledgeable doctor or physician, otherwise with the advice of a common man or self-medication. Can also cause damage.

Principles FOUR coronavirus Competition

If a person does not take precautions or does not care, even good medicine or food cannot benefit him --- wearing a mask in public places or washing hands with soap and keeping some distance from people or not taking other precautions A person can easily become infected with the corona virus very soon.

Principles FIVE coronavirus Competition

It is also important to get proper exercise or keep the body moving --- these days the need for it has increased anyway - sitting at home constantly doing all the work during the lockdown is increasing the risk of obesity or depression in many people. If proper exercise is done on a daily basis, whether in case of compulsion, even if it is done indoors or doing good housework which makes you sweat a lot, then it is also necessary for health. Time will pass and you will be healthy. Good health will create a strong defense that will be very useful in fighting not only the coronavirus but also other diseases.

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