Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

If the puss in your stomach is a pain in your mirror, it's time to take action once and for all. Exercise and a healthy diet are the key to reducing belly fat for a woman at home. However, knowledge about how your body works is also necessary. For example, realize that one of the primary causes of body fat is your genetic nature. Therefore, if you have a high amount of body fat, your heredity may be part of the characteristics. In addition, women experience abdominal weight gain when undergoing menopause. Normal shifts of cellular activity within your body can change the way fat is distributed. As a result, body fat is redistributed from other parts in your abdominal area. These natural changes in your body occur with age. Therefore, compensate for these physical factors and reduce fat with regular exercise. If you do not, your waist will likely grow or increase in size.
How to lose belly fat
Belly fat threat

Let us examine the structure of our region more deeply to understand how it affects us. Firstly, visceral fat is deep abdominal fat which is a serious threat to our health. Women should fight this fat to avoid heart disease, diabetes and other cancers. Also, eat a nutritious calorie controlled diet to prevent excess body fat from accumulating. But keep in mind, the consumption of more calories than the amount of calories you spend is the result of accumulating in the stomach. Therefore, exercise regularly and properly in order to burn fat-gaining calories. Rule of thumb: To reduce and maintain your weight you must burn more calories.

How to do Russian twist

Sit and bend your way to a flat stomach with this cool ab workout! In this exercise you have a sitting posture and side-to-side rotation of your upper body. Feel free to hold a basketball whenever you turn, or hold your hands together.

    Sit on your knees on an exercise mat and the upper body tilted backwards at a 130 degree angle. Rest your heel on the floor and support your body with your back end.

    From this position, hold your hands while extending your hands towards your knees.

    As you hold the position, only bend your upper body (waist and top) from side to side. During each turn, lead your body with your arms pointing downward on each side. Allow your shoulders to point at an angle perpendicular to your lower body for optimal core rotational tension.

Repeat each turn for 10 repetitions.

Eat healthy, keep exercising

Change your unhealthy eating habits and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats. Also, do not skip any food and drink lots of calorie-free liquid such as water. Finally, eat 6 small meals instead of the usual 3 large meals per day. Calculating your portion size and daily calorie intake will help you lose weight. Calorie burning cardio activity is one of the best ways to target stubborn belly fat. Workouts that effectively burn your stomach calories and reduce your body fat percentage. As you eliminate abdominal fat cells through activity, the chisel waist you desire will appear.

Controlling Stomach Fat, Menopause and Cellulite

Not all exercises in the world can reduce belly fat, you need to eat right and manage stress. First, stress is a major contributor to abdominal bulge on women. Stress causes imbalances within the sufferer, increasing their stress hormones, insulin, and cortisol. As a result, women gain more weight around their waist. Another thing that can cause hormonal imbalance is menopause. This hormonal state is the result of a poor diet, ingestion of airborne toxins and household products. In addition, inadequate daily hydration plus vitamin and mineral deficiency worsen health. To reduce cortisol and insulin stress hormones and imbalance your body, balance your progesterone and estrogen.

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