What is the effect of Ramadan arrival but fasting?

What is the effect of Ramadan arrival but fasting?

ramadan rules and ramadan food
ramadan rules and ramadan food

Happy Ramadan is not only a month of worship, but also teaches the Muslim the meaning of his life so that everything is balanced, such as day-to-day routine and health, etc. - Pakistani and international health experts have said Fasting in the month of Ramadan not only reduces weight loss, overcomes diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases, but also fasting improves mental state and preventing various types of cancer.
Diabetic patients should consult their physicians before the onset of Ramadan so that their medications and insulin doses should be adjusted according to Ramadan, when they should be consulted by nutritionists who use such nutrients. As a result, they were able to fast without any difficulty and lose weight at the end of Ramadan. These views were addressed by national and international health experts addressing the International Conference on Diabetes and ramadan food Ramadan Online.

The international conference was organized by the Baki Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology, with over 10,000 people from around the world attending the conference via various social media platforms. International conference including Pakistan, USA, UK, Saudi Experts from many countries including Arabia,

History of ramadan

Qatar participated and submitted their research papers regarding Ramadan Addressing the conference, Saudi Obstetrician Professor Dr. Khalid Tayyab said that millions of diabetics in the world fast every year in the world, and many of them suffer from the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting while some people Ignorance also leads to an increase in illness He said that a few weeks before the start of Ramadan, diabetics should start preparing and change their medications and diet with the advice of health experts.

Ramadan rules

Preparation of fasting before the onset of Ramadan does not make it difficult for the diabetic patients to complete 30 days of fasting and to benefit from the spiritual and physical benefits of the holy month.

Ramadan food

He advised Muslims on the occasion to use foods that keep them healthy rather than their weight gain, especially unleavened flour breads, vegetables and pulses.

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