The Power of Intuition - A Sixth Sense

The Power of Intuition - A Sixth Sense?

The Power of Intuition - A Sixth Sense?
The power of intuition is generally regarded as a form of sixth sense, which some people possess, that help them make decisions, or see things that others can't see, or even experience things that others can't experience. It is frequently referred to as a hunch, gut feeling or luck. Some psychologists are convinced that there is a sixth sense, which certain people are endowed with, but unfortunately, not all. They maintain that these are gifted people, who can use the possession of this power to discover creative ways to solve problems, create inventions, and make right decisions without any apparent logical analysis of the problem at hand.

This is, however, regarded as utter gibberish by another school of equally qualified psychologists, who maintain that the so-called sixth sense is simply a manifestation of heightened utilization of the well-known five senses. The sixth sense is thus a use of the previously accumulated knowledge from the other five senses. Both schools of thought, however, agree on one thing, which is that the power of intuition can be strengthened and fine-tuned, although the former believe that it can only be strengthened among the select gifted few who already possess the gift, while the latter believe that anyone can increase their power of intuition. While certain people do exhibit signs commonly The Power of Intuition - A Sixth Sense? Associated with a sixth sense, it is impossible to state absolutely that this power does actually exist. There is, however, one thing we can say for certain. The power to more easily view things in the environment without actually knowing you are observing them can only come about from being at peace with oneself, and staying tuned into the five well-known senses.

There are people who can walk into a room for the first time and take note of every piece of furniture in the room, without appearing to. There are others who have a heightened sense of smell and can distinguish odors more acutely than most other humans. They might not know that they have these heightened abilities, which is what may be referred to as the sixth sense. It is agreed by both schools of thought though that utilizing your five other senses is akin to having a sixth sense and this is sometimes referred to as the power of intuition.

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