Reid Flair United State Wrestler

Reid Flair United State Wrestler 
The Richard Reid Fliehr is famous united state wrestler. He is expert in his work. His  Birth date is Feb 26, 1988. He was a United States expert wrestler. He is famous by his band name Reid Sparkle. He was the
 newest son of famous expert wrestler Richard Sparkle and also young half-brother of wrestler Bob Sparkle. Fliehr was an achieved beginner wrestler accomplishing several prizes. During a competition, Fliehr assaulted another opponent after he taunted Fliehr by mocking his dad. Fliehr wrestled two suits in the now defunct World Tournament Play fighting (WCW). He was ten years old when he beaten Eric Bischoff and on July 12, 2000.
Fliehr was created in Currently, Northern Carolina and brought up by mother and dad, former expert wrestler Ric Sparkle and Age Fliehr. He was the newest of four friends. He had a half-sister Megan,
Fliehr was caught on July 23, 2007 for attack and power supply. He was published after publishing help. Fliehr was caught for generating while affected in Mecklenburg Nation, Northern Carolina On April 4, 2009. He was published after publishing $1000 in help. Sparkle was found deceased in bed at a Property Inn in the South Park resort in Currently, Northern Carolina On April 29, 2013.The cause of loss of life has not yet been identified. There were no symptoms and symptoms of nasty play and cops are analyzing the likelihood of a medication over dose.

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