Lisa Robin Kelly American actress

Lisa Robin Kelly American actress
Lisa Robin Kelly birthday is March 5, 1970. She is a United States celebrity. She is famed for her tasks on
that '70s Display.
She had small tasks in several scenario comedies. Kelly was caught in Northern Carolina on a cost of generating while drunk In Aug 2010. Kelly was caught on a crime cost of corporal damage upon a partner. She was launched on $50,000 bail On March 31, 2012.
After being launched on help, Kelly went onto her Face book account consideration to ask for money and to declare that her partner, David Michas's accidents were self-inflicted.

She later revealed claims declaring that she was set up by her partner who harmed himself in an attempt to shape the celebrity as a household addict. Police in the Charlotte, N.C, caught the 42 year old Kelly and 61 year old spouse David John Gilliam after giving answers to a interference at their home. Both are free on connection In Nov 2012.


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