Maria Shriver American journalist and TV show Performer

Maria Shriver American journalist and TV show Performer 
The Maria Shriver birth date is Nov 6, 1955.Her birth name is Maria Owings Shriver .She is a United States
correspondent and writer of six best promoting
guides. She has obtained a Peabody Prize. She was co anchor for NBC's Emmy-winning protection of the 1988 summer months Olympic Games. Shriver gained two Emmy Prizes and an Academia of TV Artistry & Sciences award for creating a TV display with a conscience. She was formerly First women of California as the wife of artist, actor and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She became the First Woman of Florida. She then came back to confirming, making two more performances for Dateline NBC. She showed up as herself in the movie Last Action Hero in 993. She also performed a minimal part as herself in Be Ready in 2006 show of the TV sequence.

Shriver came back to television information as alternative variety of board conversation discusses display. Shriver declared that she will not come back to the press after the extreme media coverage of the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

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